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The Crippling Anxiety On The West Coast Is Just As Good As The Crippling Anxiety In New York

List: The Seven Sins Of Man

My Child’s Imaginary Friend Is A Podcast

Even Though The House Is On Fire, We Are Finishing This Game Of Madden

Above Average

I Will Vote For Whoever Sends Anthony Bourdain To The Moon To Try Moon Cuisine

I Only Bought An iPhone To Watch The Apps Wiggle

There Would Be No More Gun Violence If We Got Rid Of Hands

I Don’t Like Wile E. Coyote, But I Understand His Desire To Murder Flightless Birds

Splitsider’s Humor Section

I’m Tired Of Being Cast As Young Russell Crowe

Before We Rob This House, Let’s Play Some Skeeball

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Funny or Die

Richard Linklater Orders A Sandwich

The Biggest Differences Between The Game of Thrones Books & TV Series

Someecards (of the 100-plus cards I’ve written as a contributor, here are some favorites)

Happy National Margarita Day to someone who is a lot of fun but gives me a headache.

Here’s to Iowa and a groundhog on attempting to predict our level of future misery.

You put the erotic in neurotic. 

Here’s to Donald Trump for refusing to be politically correct or correct in general. 

Sorry our busy schedules haven’t given us any time to break up.

Putting his decision in writing is a great way for LeBron to make sure the people of Florida don’t find out for awhile.

I’m impressed by your ability to make reckless decisions even when you’re sober. 

We should reconnect so you can see that I’m not fat anymore. 

Our genitalia should get back in touch. 

The only 100% effective form of birth control is having my social skills. 

Let’s make the tree in our living room watch one of its kind burn in our fireplace.

Let’s celebrate the only illegal immigrant in history that Republicans respect. 

You’re that girl who removes her glasses and everyone suddenly realizes you’re just as weird as you were before.

I want to awkwardly share a bathroom with you for the rest of my life. 

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